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  • Syariah Legal Services
  • Muslim/ Syariah Court Divorces
  • Syariah Litigation Matters Advocating Your Divorce/Case in the Syariah Court
  • Ancillary Matters Related to Muslim Divorce such as Children/ Child Custody, Maintenance and Distribution/ Division of Matrimonial Property & Assets
  • Visitation Access for Parents
  • Variation of Court Orders in Custody Related Matters
  • Variation of Court Orders in Maintenance Issues
  • Assistance in Filing your Matters in the Syariah Court
  • Defending your Marriage Case Involving Issues Related to Before, During and After Marriage
  • Dealing with Post-Divorce Issues That Arise
  • Inheritance Related Matters and Obtaining of Inheritance Certificate
  • Letters of Administration/ Probate
  • Muslim Wills
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